Meditation - The Inner Revolution !

The London Meditation Team

invites you for a journey of mystery & inner discovery through

the True Science of Meditation.

This year 2015, we have the pleasure to invite you all to our big Event :

mariiage new

The event is opened to single as well as married individuals.


Join us for a unique event which will be held on the weekend 12th & 13th September 2015. It will be an experience that will enrich your life. Whether you are married or single, this event will help you in your current and future relationships.

How much of the following has crossed your mind:

  • Why do fulfilling, happy or even perfect relationships elude us?

  • Looking around, have you noticed that many couples although on the surface may appear happy, but what they experience within, is much less in reality. Why?

  • Are relationships or married life only about understanding each other and overcoming clashes in moods and temperament, or is it something much more?

  • Why do singletons feel lonely and incomplete when not in a relationship while others wish to escape from their relationship?

The Truth lies far beyond what meets the ordinary mind and even beyond the grasp of worldly famous scientists and psychologists.

The wisdom of our Zen Master will empower you first as a person and then in your relationships with others before finally, revealing the inner dimensions of marriage! This event is for you regardless, of whether you are single or married.

Date : 12th & 13th Sept 2015

Venue: Tara Yoga, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, London, Islington, Old Street EC1V 3QW

Time: 11am-1pm

Entry fee for each sessions at the door : 10

Online Payment via eventbrite is only 8.

All Payment goes to the charity

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All proceeds go directly to London Meditation Team
registered as SGAS UK

(Charity registration No. 1111821)