Meditation - The Inner Revolution !

The London Meditation Team

invites you for a journey of mystery & inner discovery through

the True Science of Meditation.

This year 2015, we have the pleasure to invite you all to our second big Event :

" Self- Education through the Science of Meditation "

self education

Education at present is only a good tool in the form of knowledge that will enable us to build a beautiful material environment and lead a comfortable material life. But what is the use of great material life if we are depressed and tense, if we have guilt in our hearts and fear in our minds ?

Self-education will help us focus on our own self and understand the ultimate possibility of human existence, leading to balanced life and harmony. The fruit of Self-education could help us achieve inner peace, love, mental freedom and a natural sense of responsibility

Come and join us to discover the innumerable benefits of Self- Education where Swami Paramananda, a Meditation Master & also a writer, will dwell deeper in the subject.

Venue: Middlesex University

Committee Room 2, Town Hall,

The Burroughs Hendon,


Date : 21st Sept 2015

Time: 11am-1pm


Contact: Vesna (07583139374) /

Together with the collaboration of Middlesex University & the London Meditation Group, this free event has been organised for all students & academics. The event is also opened to other universities and the public in general are also invited to join.

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All proceeds go directly to London Meditation Team
registered as SGAS UK

(Charity registration No. 1111821)