Terms of use policy

Acceptable terms of use policy

Data Protection

Know Thyself Foundation may hold information that you have consented to give via sign up onone of our websites, registration form or other.

The Data Protection Act1998 is law that governs what information we keep, how we keep it andwho we can pass it on to.

Why do we need to keep information that you give us?

What information do we keep about you?

The information that we may hold about you could include your name, address, phone number and email address if you consented to give this.

You may also appear in any pictures or video clips if you have attended one of our meditation sessions and events were you would have been made aware of at the time. These could appear on our websites, You tube channel, social media channels or magazines and DVDs that we may produce for sale.

Do we share the information with anyone?

The Foundation does not disclose your information to any organisation or individual person outside of it.