Books by the Master

Brief on Books authored by His Holiness Swami Paramananda

Swami Paramananda's attainment of Nirvana, samadhi or the Kingdom of God has led him to undertake to various laudable endeavours to help man realise the ultimate aim of human life. One important means used by Swamiji is writing. Through his books and the 'Know Thyself" magazines, he shares his realisations and experiences of the spiritual domain, of which he is a master, and ceaselessly invites man to start the inner journey and explore the subtle dimensions of life. Below is a summary of his books to enlighten mankind on important yet complex issues that range from the mundane topic of sex to the attainment of cosmic consciousness.


Man, God and the Universe

'Man, God and the Universe" is a masterpiece among books dealing with spirituality as it contains the gist of the knowledge that one needs in order to embark on the inner journey. Swami Paramananda goes in the depth of eternal questions such as: what is the soul, where does the universe come from, what exactly is God and why are we here? Readers will find long-sought answers to their doubts and questions.

The author explains the true nature of man, his ultimate aim in life and the inexorable law of karma, which even determines how a soul takes a body. He reveals that human beings have seven bodies or layers, the seventh one being the Nirvanic layer. Swami Paramananda proceeds to throw light on the secrets of the Self or God and His innumerable aspects and demonstrates that human beings can experience God. He further shows that all the masters mentioned in the major religions of the worldpoint towards the same ultimate reality.

Using a logical and scientific approach, the author wonderfully describes the nature of the universe, its various layers and dimensions and also relates about the birth and the dissolution of the universe. He reveals that there are countless universes, all seeking perfection. He shows that modern scientific discoveries were already known to ancient mystics who had great insight.

Human Beings: Behaviour and Evolution


The origin of man has always aroused much curiosity and led to intensive research and debates. In this very interesting work, Swami Paramananda reveals lofty wisdom about the 'missing link', the process of evolution of life and the factors that have shaped human behaviour. He shows that basically there is no conflict between scientific findings and the revelations of ancient mystics. This book leads to a deep understanding of the nature and potential of human beings and invites us to take the next step: evolving from human to divine.

The author explains the nature of the human mind, its different layers and possibilities. He reveals that the mind is eternal and is in a seed form when it starts its evolutionary journey from a unicellular organism to eventually attain the human body. This process is beautifully described in the book using both a scientific and mystical approach.

Swami Paramananda also expounds on the general behaviours of man and woman, the reasons they are different and how human beings can go beyond natural tendencies, overcome their differences to become united with the Creator. He shows the gradual shift from instinct to intelligence during the evolution process of the mind, which should culminate inthe merging of the individual mind with the Cosmic Mind.

Four Steps to Health and Enlightenment

4 steps

The purpose of the tenth book of Swami Paramananda is to help every seeker to use the four keys gifted to him, namely, the body, the breath, the mind and the heart in order to practise the science of meditation to move towards enlightenment, while staying in good health. Swamiji offers his guidance and gives several simple meditation techniques that will suit the temperaments of different people.

The author states that the first step to health and enlightenment is the body, which is nothing but the temple of the Divine. Without propercare and attention to our bodily needs, no spiritual progress is possible. Next Swami Paramananda explores the breathing system and develops the science of breathing and various techniques to detoxify the physical and subtle bodies. The third step is the mind. In fact, all meditation techniques aim at transforming our mind. The heart constitutes the last leap to Divinity as it deals with devotion.

Spiritual Experiences

The inner adventure is the most exciting one, yet only a few dare undertake it. What is so extraordinary about spiritual life? How is the journey leading to cosmic consciousness? How does an enlightened being live? Swami Paramananda provides answers by revealing some wonderful spiritual experiences of his disciples. He also describe some of his own sublime attainments and unravels the mystery surrounding the seat of consciousness, which has until now baffled the greatest minds.

The author explains the different spiritual paths that all lead to the ultimate attainment. He also sheds light on the significance of some spiritual experiences, such as astral travelling, visions and the awakening of the kundalini, that demonstrate where the aspirant stands ont he spiritual journey. Swamiji also cautions readers against the development of psychic powers and the desire to undergo 'miraculous" experiences, for the ultimate attainment is beyond all such experiences and is simply the purest state of our being.

Hinduism: Philosophy or Mysticism?


This book is the effort of the author, an illumined being, to bring back to surface the scientific and total way of life prescribed by ancient Indian mystics, which over time got reduced to 'isms" and rituals. It draws a complete and accurate picture, explaining the origin of Hinduism, the gods and deities, palmistry and astrology, different schools of thought and the place of Hinduism today.

The author explains how the ancient Indian mystics had discovered very lofty truths that are only now being discovered or understood by scientists. He sheds light on the existence of the Seven Divinities, the inexorable law of karma, how reincarnation takes place and the sciences of astrology and numerology. The main branches and scriptures of Indian mysticism are also elaborated.

Expectant Mothers


In this book, Swami Paramananda unfolds the secrets of real motherhood and explains how a woman may give birth to a highly evolved soul and thus contribute to abetter world. Swamiji seeks to sensitise parents and would-be ones on the necessary preparations that each partner has to undertake before conceiving and assuming the responsibility of the new life they have invited.

The author explains how to invite a soul through the art of conception, all of which require preparations. He describes how the soul enters a womb, how life develops in the womb and the intra-uterine experiences of the foetus. Such knowledge creates an awareness of the sanctity of pregnancy, the real worth of human life and helps the mother to havethe right understanding about the overall development of a child even before its birth.

The Spiritual Aspects of Maha Shivaratri

In this book, Swami Paramananda leads us to discover the lofty truths that the images of Shiva, the Shiva Lingam and Ardhanareswar represent. He explains the profound esoteric significance of the Maha Shivaratri festival, whichis celebrated by Hindus in honour of Shiva, and the symbolism of each rite involved. He reminds us that the pilgrimage and the rituals all point towards the inner pilgrimage and the realisation that we are all Shiva in potential, for Shiva means nothing but pure consciousness.

Pearls of Wisdom


In this small collection of sayings, Swami Paramananda gives the essence of spirituality in the form of sutras upon which one should meditate. By reflecting deeply on any one saying or sutra daily, one can develop the mental faculties and gain much insight. The book comes in a small format that can fit in a pocket or handbag, hence is very convenient to keep with one even while travelling.

Spirituality and Secrets behind Hindu Religious Festivals


The sixteenth book of Swami Paramananda deals with the esoteric secrets concealed behind the rites and rituals of Hindu religious festivals. The author reveals that each festival has a spiritual message to mankind and is not meant to be reduced to superficial celebrations. He also explains the symbolism of particular deities with religious festivals such as Cavadee, Ananta Vrat and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Understanding Marriage

In this book, Swami Paramananda exposes truths about marriage that are generally avoided so as not to hurt people's sensibilities, regardless of the great harm caused to society. He goes in depth regarding the nature of man and woman, the differences between them and how they are irresistibly drawn towards each other.

The author seeks to sensitise people on the true reason why they get married. He questions the shallow features such as good looks and status in the choice of the right partner. Contrary to modern trend, he explains that the zodiacal signs and birth charts are vital in making the correct choice.

Swami Paramananda also explains the significance of the rites involved in some marriage ceremonies as performed in different religions. He highlights the sacred dimension of marriage in all societies and the karma involved in breaking the oaths taken during the marriage ceremony. The author reinstates marriage as an important stage of life and helps the young generation to have a new outlook to the sacred bond it entails.


In his eighteenth book, Swami Paramananda strikes at the core and essence of what is known as religion and spirituality or even God – the ultimate Truth. In his usual direct style, Swami Paramananda states that Truth is not something that can be learnt from scriptures or other sources. Nor can it be taught or proven by anybody. He cautions us that Truth is a state – something to be lived and experienced with an awakened mind and in total silence alone. And it is only under the guidance and by the grace of an enlightened being that one can have a glimpse ofTruth.

The author emphasizes on the infinite vastness underlying Truth, which is essentially the state of freedom from all illusion and unconsciousness. He further reveals that Truth is the essence of the whole universe and invites seekers and people in general to start looking beyond their narrow vision of existence.

Throughout his book, Swami Paramananda reminds us that his words are nothing but an invitation or a pointing finger towards Truth. He tries to awaken a deep thirst in the reader to experience that eternal mystery. In his ownwords, "This book is a key that, if taken with an open mind and a heart thirsty for the eternal Truth, will reveal to be very useful."

Hidden Teachings in the Bible


Swami Paramananda's first book deals mostly with Jesus Christ – this is highly symbolical as his first spiritual experience was closely related to Jesus. In 'Hidden Teachings of the Bible', Swamiji brings to the surface the esoteric teachings of the Bible and explains how these are fundamentally the same in all the main religions of the world.

The book starts with an introduction to spiritual knowledge which is essential in order to have a clear insight into the mystical realities 'hidden" in theBible. In the second part of the book which is dedicated to the teachings of the Old Testament, Swami Paramananda explains about the descent of Spirit into matter, the creation of the universe and the process of evolution.

The third part deals with the lofty teachings of Jesus, the role of Jesus as a guru or master, and the secret behind the crucifixion and the resurrection. The author ends with the Revelation, which he confirms will certainly happen, though not literally. He explains that the evolution of human beings is at a critical juncture and the coming of a world master will be a reality. After all, Swami Paramananda reminds us that this great event has been prophesied in all the main religions of the world.

Wisdom of the Ancients

wisdom of ancient

In his third book, Swami Paramananda reveals the esoteric wisdom concealed behind images, symbols and rituals that are often either misunderstood or considered as superstitions. In fact, they can be deciphered only by enlightened beings. He explains how most of the spiritual knowledge of ancient seers is still present in this modern world in concealed forms.

With the deep insight of an enlightened being, the author explores the reality behind symbols such as the tarot cards, the jigsaw puzzle and the sphinx. He also sheds light on the significance of the images of several deities, explaining what each part of the images represents in the world of mysticism.

Swami Paramananda then delves in the rites and rituals present in almost all religions. They are expressions of the coded language of the mystics who sought to convey lofty realities through means that could easily be passed on to lay people. From the worship of natural forces to the use of the rosary and fire in religious ceremonies and post-mortem rites, the author explains how each ritual relates to different aspects of the spiritual evolution of man.

Sex– Breaking the Taboo

Swami Paramananda makes a bold attempt to restore the truth about sex, which has been reduced to a level of sin and taboo. With a scientific and logical approach, he takes the reader towards the sacred dimensions of sex manifesting in all aspects of existence. Without a deep understanding of this crucial energy, which is in fact the very fuel needed to bring about cosmic consciousness, mankind will remain stuck at the lowest level of his existence.

Buddha – His Scientific Approach to Life and the Nirvana

This book explains the most scientific approach to life that has ever been undertaken by a human being. In our modern era, the path trodden by Buddha is highly relevant as it requires absolutely no prior concept about the mysteries of life, God, religion and the universe. Swamiji shows how this unique approach is also the most natural and logicalone.

Solah Samskaras

The sixth book of Swami Paramananda is dedicated to restoring the essence of the sixteen mainrites prescribed by ancient sages for a healthy natural evolution, both material and spiritual, of a human being. Though many rational people consider these rites as mere superstition, they do have their importance at various stages of life. Swamiji explains seekers how touse these 'keys" with a view to transcend them in order to move further towards the ultimate Truth of human existence.

Human Beings: Behaviour and Evolution


The origin of man has always aroused much curiosity and led to intensive research and debates. In this very interesting work, Swami Paramananda reveals lofty wisdom about the 'missing link', the process of evolution of life and the factors that have shaped human behaviour. He shows that basically there is no conflict between scientific findings and the revelations of ancient mystics. This book leads to a deep understanding of the nature and potential of human beings and invites us to take the next step: evolving from human to divine.

Prayer – A Profound Spiritual Approach

We all believe we know what prayer is and claim to pray a lot. But do we really pray, or do we merely request for the fulfilment of our desires? Only an enlightened being can enlighten us about the true nature of prayer. In his eighthbook, Swami Paramananda gives prayer its due importance and sacredness and explains how to reach the genuine prayerful state.

Guru: a Friend, a Guide and a Door


Swami Paramananda draws the right picture of the guru in this masterpiece. Once revered as a god, the guru is now regarded with suspicion on account of many fakes thriving around the world. The genuine guru is the rarest gem and only the most fortunate seekers have the opportunity to recognise him. This book will be highly beneficial for those who wish to knowthe truth about the importance and role of a guru, without whose guidance it is almost impossible to attain enlightenment.