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posted on 29 May 2015 | posted in Information

Ground Breaking Articles on Physics, Human Mind and Meditation

Science says that every cubic centimetre of space consists of the energy of a trillion atomic bombs. The human mind is the smallest portion of contracted space this gives an idea of the amount of energy the mind conceals. It can be said that it is a seed of tremendous power. The question is how to tap and make use of this power. A glance around us gives an idea of the miracle the mind is capable of. Yet, at a given moment only four and a half percent of its total capacity is in use. What kind of being would one become if one succeeds in using even twenty percent of the total amount of energy one conceals?

expansion or contraction of space

The statements of enlightened beings always conceal truths that can have a scientific perspective. Let us, for example, examine what Jesus said: "Is it not written in your law that ye are gods?" What is a god? It is a being with a superior level of consciousness. Possessing a higher level of consciousness makes one more virtuous and powerful. In fact, one must have tremendous energy to be good. When religion advises abstinence, it is only with the idea of collecting sufficient energy to build a pool to fuel the mind in order to become virtuous and also to liberate the latent power through the practice of certain exercises.

If mind is contracted space, then it must be able to expand this is a scientific truth. By heating, space can expand. In fact, with heat nearly anything can expand. Concentration and many other exercises can produce heat that expands the mind. The ceremonial fire in most religions is also symbolical of the heat that can expand the mind, thus liberating it from the confinement of space and time. This is called transcendence and I also call it religion. How far indeed are the so-called religions of today from this lofty truth! Long hours of spiritual practice are important to generate the fire of meditation in order to enable it to expand the mind to attain cosmic dimension and oneness with existence and to remain in that state eternally.

smallest portion of contracted space

Satya Sai Baba says, "Expansion is my life, bliss is my form." Certainly it is so for each of us, but we are in such a deep slumber that we are unaware of our treasure. Indeed, expansion is bliss. Love can only happen when the mind expands, because in that process it encompasses everything and love can encompass one and all. Let people seek real love, not biological reaction, blind feeling or give-and-take relationship. The memories contained in our mind have given birth to innumerable problems by giving us a false and illusive perspective of life. Our life is fragmented. I fear that we may not survive for long if we continue to view existence with such a narrow vision. What is really needed is not blind belief or moral education, but an expansion of every human mind.

Expanding our mind will automatically broaden our view of life. This should be our prime and immediate concern and all else will follow automatically. I insist and request that the authorities concerned give due consideration to this eternal wisdom. It will certainly be a revolutionary step, but no progress is possible without any revolution. Let us get out of the cocoon of blind beliefs, mere following of rules and morality and take this bold decision towards mind expansion. Only then will virtue come; before that, it is simply mechanical and mere imitation. Apart from being a place for secular learning, schools should also be like a temple where one is taught how to tap the latent power. Do not forget that science says the smallest measure of space could contain as much energy as the Universe. Though for science it is still a theory, yet mystics are aware of this truth. And since our mind is the tiniest unit of space, it can be concluded that it has the same infinite potentiality.

I fear that we may not survive for long if we continue to view existence with such a narrow vision. What is really needed is not blind belief or moral education, but an expansion of every human mind.