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posted on 1 November 2014 | posted in Information

Religious Subsidies Why?

In a large number of countries, the government gives money to religious organizations. Why? The answer seems to be very simple to many. In fact, the question may even seem foolish. Anyone can say, "Of course, to meet their expenses for the celebration of religious and socio-cultural festivals, to perform rites and rituals, to pay the priests and meet other such expenses." Millions of taxpayers" money are spent in this way everywhere. Therefore, I think it is legitimate to ask in what way churches, temples, mosques, religious organisations, priests, religious festivals and the like help our society.

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Some people say that without religion, I mean organized religion with all the people and activities involved, society would have been worse. Does it mean that religion with all its arsenal is helping to prevent the actual situation from getting worse? Isn't the situation already extremely bad? What has been the role of religion so far? My observation is that true religion is nearly inexistent today and what you call religion today is nothing but traditional practice and the blind performance of rites and rituals. True religion is a profound science. We need enlightened beings, not people who speak beautiful language or wear special clothes, to teach and guide genuine seekers, disciples and devotees who have realised the shallowness of getting stuck at the material level.

But both of them the enlightened being and the genuine seeker are rare. It is only now that some people are showing an interest in the spiritual affair. A few spiritual organisations are striving hard to help such people because individual transformation is the only way to social peace, harmony, progress, social justice and brotherhood. Furthermore, the ultimate purpose of human existence finds expression only through individual change. If we have to help, it is such organisations that should be offered aid. However, since it may not be possible to know which organisations are genuine and which are not, it is better to let them manage their own business. Sincere people will always succeed and prove themselves.

Another important point regarding the subsidies given to religious organisations is the fact that our state is supposed to be based on laicism, isn't it! Then why should taxpayers" money be given to the organisations? Why not let them manage their own affairs?

Many people say that religion brings division in society, so better not speak about it. Why? Is there something wrong with religion or is the problem in the mind of people? The problem has not been solved in our society even after 42 years of independence. Religion in its purest sense is about unity, oneness, love, peace and brotherhood. Have we reached there? We are not even a nation, are we? Religion and politics should be separated, people say. Why should they be separated? What is wrong? If they have to be separated, this means either one of them or both are corrupt. And if religion is corrupt, then why give subsidies?

When I say religion is corrupt, I mean that people are corrupt, and then they deform religion. The same is for politics. Many people use religion to do politics, they do not have the guts to stand on the political platform. They fool people into believing that they and their religion are being represented by them. But are such idiots needed? Maybe yes, we are living in a world of the mentally blind and they need to be represented. But the day people will become a little more alert, such idiots will have to look for other fields.

But that is another business and those people, except for some, do not have enough guts to put aside their mask of religiosity to come in front of people. Religion in its present state has done more harm than good to society. It has instilled fear, guilt, incited blind following, and prevented people from thinking thus impaired their evolution. Why should we then support such institutions? If the state and religion have to be separated, then let it be fully. Let them manage for their funds. Let them justify the why of the money they want.

Ultimately, no such religion or any such organisations should be supported if they do not help in the uplift of human consciousness.

Swami Paramananda

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