Mind - A Quantum !

posted on 20 December 2014 | posted in Information

We are fortunate to be living in an era when science is making giant leaps in many fields. It has nearly become a divine science as some scientists have even started working on the truth about the mind, soul and God. . Some scientists say that our mind is a quantum a packet of energy that is not localised but which extends ad infinitum in space. It has been discovered that consciousness is the fundamental nature of the mind. If such is the case, and for the mystic it is, then telepathy and other psychic powers can easily be explained.

Mind a Quantum

Information can be transferred almost instantly from one mind to another. Light can travel at three hundred thousand kilometres per second and there is a theory that particles of light can share information. Since mind is subtler than a particle of light - in fact, it is the subtlest and smallest unit of space or a quantum - then it is not strange that there can be exchange of information and the possibility of materialising and dematerialising almost instantly.

The deeper science goes, the more it is found that particles are illusive - it is the wave that is real. Like the light of a candle, the mind too is an amount of energy whose light or consciousness extends in space. For this reason the ancient seer could say, "I am God" or "Aham brahmasmi." All those who have realised Him have proclaimed so. We too should be like scientists and go very deep in observing the mind and removing the dust that prevents us from proclaiming our universal status.

The path followed by particle physics in its evolution is similar to that of religion. Philosophers used to think that the basic building block of matter was ether, air, fire, water and earth. Later on the atom was discovered. The subatomic world was unknown; then little by little, through research by means of sophisticated apparatus, science presented a completely different worldview. Today it can be said that the truth concerning the Universe does not stop at what can be seen. It can even be said that life or the Universe, as we know it, is an illusion because its fundamental aspect is a homogeneous ocean of energy.

The mystic initially makes use of the body and then goes deeper through reflection and meditation. He does not have any apparatus to probe beyond the body and the thought process. The only instrument he has is the mind or the tiny ray of consciousness. By directing it inwards, he perceives that the mind is independent of the body and further, that it is not only a bundle of thoughts, impressions, conditionings, emotions and beliefs, but it is like the electron that extends to infinity. The deeper he goes the more blissful, peaceful and powerful his mind becomes. A point is reached where he proclaims the eternal truth, "I am Him" or "Aham brahmasmi" - " I am the Universal or I am part and parcel and therefore one with the Universe."

The transformation that follows such a realisation is beyond comprehension therefore to explain it a lot of means are devised such as stories, koans, symbols and parables. It is as if a beggar has become a king. But breaking this human limitation of mental conditioning is a colossal work. It is with much diligence, ingenuity and patience that the realities of the subatomic world were discovered. The scientists had to commit themselves totally and their involvement was absolute; it is only then that they became fit to receive the knowledge of the subatomic world that gave the world a completely new shape. Similarly, the mystic strives hard to break the mental conditioning imposed by society so as to experience the real nature of the mind. A Master, an Enlightened Being is of paramount importance to help people in that endeavour.

All mystical practices are meant to go deeper within the mind and to realise its essence. But a lot of fuss has been created around this, to the extent that man is lost in his own invention which he proudly calls his religion. The mystic is a scientist in his own way; he is a specialist of the inner science. With the tiny ray of consciousness, body, emotions, thoughts and using the external world as an aid, he realises his essence as the whole Universe and as Pure Consciousness.

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By Swami Paramananda