Poems by Meditators

flower wallpaper


Alone,in silence, in peace..

In space where there is no need..

Where there is only That....pure and still, without fear..

I come closer and closer, in that space within, space where there

is everything and nothing.

It is inside me, it has always been, watching, waiting to be seen.

We met in a glimpse of truth, I tasted it, it took me away...melts,

dissolves..i pray.

To be there is such bliss, bliss that comes within.

From where everything is born, from where the sound comes & the form.

In that bliss I rejoice to be.

In that space there is no 'Me'.

In that space there is only One

One truth, one love, one Soul

And Truth is Life and life is all...deep inside waiting to be explored.

Dive within, search, love, celebrate and be.....in that space where there

is no 'me'...where there is no 'you" and 'I" and'we'...where everything is

infinite and free.

Yes , freedom is another name, from that space called life from where

we all came.

We are one, and one is all. All is Life.. there is nothing more.

Live it, feel it, dance with it, so you can hear the symphony that comes

from it..

The soundless sound that life brings, inside, in that deep space within.

Vesna Manasieva (London Meditation Team)

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The Universe

Dance ! Dance ! oh Mysterious Energy

As a result of Your dance,

particles are created and destroyed and in that process, the Universe is


Who says Thou createst, oh lovely Mother!

You simply dance spontaneously.

And the result is the creation.

Each gesture of yours symbolises a form of matter.

What do you want to tell

oh beloved Mother through your Kathak dance?

Oh! You are relating the story of

Man, God and the Universe!

Engrossed in Your dance

in ecstasy You even walked upon Your Consort

Yes Mother! I know

it symbolises the descent of spirit into matter.

What a play, oh eternal Mother Divine!

Extract from Man, God Universe

flower wallpaper

With the Flow

Floating, floating in the depth of being, that warm feeling spreads

around, in and out, enjoyment, bliss comes from it.

Thank you. Thank you for all and more. Its thank you enough my


Can these words be compared with your love and grace, beauty and

peace, where I dive in, waiting for your kiss.

Creativity all around, in your infinite play I am found. With the birds

and trees and flowers we share. This moment of truth is all we have. In

dance, in joy we celebrate life, each moment brings another moment


There is nowhere to go, there is nothing to see, life is hidden deep inside


And then comes the ecstasy, the feeling of oneness pervades everything

around, brings love and sound. The purest sound of Existence. Its all

around, but do we have the ears to hear, to feel that sound.

Emptiness dawns, and then you enter in, bubbling with love, bubbling

with Truth, bubbling with Life given by you.

I am not of this world, I have never been. Taken on the wings of your

infinite love...walking and sitting, touched in heart.

Lives, years, days passing by. Love will raise, grace will descents, they

will meet in moment without end. That moment is all, the moment I live


Vesna Manasieva ( London Meditation Team)