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Our lovely london Meditation team and their personal experiences

Join us, lets meditate together !

From Julia ( Senior Sale Associate )

Life is continuous offering of opportunities for personal evolution and growth. Everyday through various encounters, meetings and happenings we learn and thus we expand our consciousness, which allows us to see better, hear better and make better decisions. But what if you want to get the depth of life, the depth of yourself, to question yours self-imposed limits, to break-through of illusions...? And you don't want to wait till death comes to you and only then you realize it ALL... I had greatest desire for many years to break free, to know myself, to know life, to transform, to be close to the One and to all Existence... Since 2000 I was in search of "that" through books, seminars, meeting various like-minded seekers and my prayers were answered in the end. There is a saying "When the student is ready, the Teacher comes". I have had chance to meet Swami Paramananda in the beginning of 2011 during one of his meditation workshops "Rebirth Therapy". It was my first experience to face true spirituality and learn basics of science of meditation. His enlightening presence and wisdom created such a profound effect on me that I began meditating regularly under his guidance and and uncovering my diamond within. The story continues, I am now one of his closest disciples and a member of SGAS Charity UK, spiritual society providing seekers life-changing opportunity of knowing Thy selves. Looking forward to share my personal spiritual experiences which I have encountered during years with my dear Teacher and Friend.


From Dhiren ( Career Advisor )

" Meditate with us and sharpen your awareness to help you cope with daily stressful situations as they arise with a detached sense of mind".. " The Meditation Master like none other, forthright, direct with the Truth and never one to skirt issues. This is not a Master for you if you have a delicate ego and not willing to spiritually grow and evolve. On the other hand if you're, then don't pass up the opportunity to meet this genuine Master and also a true friend, who will be there for you not just in this life but the after life also "

From Vesna ( Bsc Health Student)

" I have known Swami Paramananda for five years and since then, I have been practicing meditation on regular basis. I can still recall the first meeting with Him. Was such a blissful, transformation experience that made me realise that meditation is a path to something I have been always searching answer for. Since very little, I have been asking myself 'who am I" and 'what is the purpose of life'. Living with Swami Paramananda as my Guide has enriched my life in every aspect as well as brought meaningful experiences to the questions I've been having since young. Dwelling deep in the art and science of meditation has contributed towards positive changes in my attitude, behaviour as well as interaction with other people & the beautiful environment we live in


From Ashwin (Anaesthetics )

" Life is so Ephemeral! Everything passes so quickly that i never really enjoyed and fulfilled by anything the world could give me. Since young age, i was looking for something above the mundane living, something more lasting, more fulfilling, worth working for, all have led me to knock many doors. Studied reiki, yoga, read many books on science and met a lot of teachers on the journey. Its only, after i met Swami Paramananda in UK, that i came to know about the real Science of Meditation and its profound effect, it can have on someone's life. Its only with Meditation, that one can really understand Life! Without Meditation, there is no life! Just a complex web of Materialism with no beauty, colour and grace! i am so lucky to have met him, he is my friend, my Master and Guide. Let Meditation unfolds in your life and see what happens...."

Harry Curpen Naick

"Looking around me, I saw the life of people being automated, guided by their own entourage or other external variables. Questioning the absurdity of all this , I started my own quest . The year before I was going to be introduce to Swami Paramananda , I made a significant dream: On top of a cliff, I was facing the horizon. A huge orange sun had emerged from the sea. Below, many people were converging towards that sun ,contemplating it. It was mesmerizing! Its only in the following year, when I met Swami Paramananda that I can truly say that my journey started. He was not a traditional master as illustrated in books but a living one of his own era who can even contemplate contemporary subject. Since I started meditation, he has become my best friend and guide.Through him, I understood the paradox of life and even more. I am sure many of you out there are waiting to be answered ."