Virtual Reality

posted on 5 January 2015 | posted in Information

I was inspired by the film 'Existenz' to write on virtual reality. If only people could realise that what they call life with its material progress and so on is nothing but a virtual reality! It is like in a dream world where one leaves the body on bed and travels in the mental world. And what is the mental world if not the world of thoughts, emotions and impressions! The virtual world is so vast and impressive that it seems nearly impossible to realise that it is not the real world and that we are in it for a short while only. The absolute reality is the essence of this incredibly vast virtual existence.

Virtual Reality

The beauty of life is not 'out there.' Peace, bliss, glory and power are here and now. But we move away from the 'here-now' and this very move leads us into the trap of the virtual world. I recall the words of Gawtam the Buddha when Angulimala ordered him to stop moving. "I have stopped moving since long," said the Buddha, at the bewilderment of the bandit. "It is strange!" mused the fellow. "This man is coming towards me and still says he has stopped moving since long." Indeed, an enlightened being has reached mental and emotional stability, and does not wander in the world of virtual reality created by the marriage of emotions and thoughts. These are the ingredients par excellence in the world of virtual reality. To get out of this illusion one has to understand and thus transcend thoughts and emotions.

Thought, though being an instrument of the mind, has led us very far from the here-now that is the real life of peace, love, bliss and power. In short, it has driven us away from God. Emotion is the power that has led people to consider their partners as God. Lovers often sing, "Kadmon mein téré sar jhukaliya, tujko khuda bana liya," that is, 'I have put my head at your feet and made you a god.' And they call this love! If the world is like a madhouse today, it is because of the combination of emotions and thoughts in unconscious people. If transformed, these very things can break the link from the net of virtual reality and lead us to the absolute truth of life.

We have gone so far in this illusive world of virtual reality that we do not even understand ourselves properly. Moreover, we are confused about our relationship with the world where we actually are. We are in a great conflict; we are in fact lost, but who will dare acknowledge it? All pretend to be well-off and intelligent beings. Observe deeply and know that things are out of control. There is nothing wrong in enjoying a virtual game for a while, but why do we get lost in it and do not want to come back? The reason is that few can propose something much more interesting in a scientific and rational way. The strangest thing is that after reaching such a high level of conflict and madness, we are still not shocked enough to be awakened from our dream. What is this mystery? The scriptures have called it Mahamaya.

The invention of virtual reality is not a modern concept – the ancient mystics were well aware of it. Yes, maybe they did not invent any apparatus to prove it like, for example, space games on computers. The mind is the greatest virtual world and everything is played there. There is no need to install any apparatus anywhere. Go within yourself and discover it: you will be astonished of its nature. The virtual world has a base. So has the mind and it is Pure Consciousness. I will even say boundless Pure Consciousness that is the ultimate state of freedom.

The motto of our organisation is 'Know Thyself.' It is not something of a hazard. It has come up as a fruit out of profound meditation. By knowing the mind one will discover that beyond it is the greatest joy and marvel of life. But right now it is a thick screen where virtual images stand as the greatest attraction and challenge. These act as the force motrice in driving one away from God or one's own soul. What is religion or spirituality if not a process, a journey and an invitation to move from the virtual world to taste the Absolute Truth, the juice and essence of this mysterious virtual existenz.

If only people could realise that what they call life with its material progress and so on is nothing but a virtual reality!

From Swami Paramananda

Meditation Master, Guide, Writer & founder of London Meditation Group UK