What is Science of Meditation

What is the Science of Meditation?

  • Meditation is a universal and holistic process and requires no belief in anything or in any religion. The state of meditation is the state of total relaxation of the body, mind and heart.

  • The Science of Meditation deals essentially with the human mind. It proposes innumerable meditation techniques and therapies that lead to an expansion of consciousness.

  • Meditation techniques help the mind to be calmed to such an extent that it does not intervene in perception - only then do we experience direct perception. Through meditation, we learn transcendence, not control or suppression.

  • Meditation techniques contribute to a great extent to the well being and health of the meditator. For the root of all problems and illnesses is the mind.

  • The practice of the science of meditation culminates in the experience of cosmic consciousness or enlightenment. It is the state of no-thought, of pure and boundless awareness, ineffable peace, infinite creativity and virtue.

  • The complete definition of being in good health means to have a sane mind and a sane heart in a body free from illnesses and diseases. It also means to be centred in one's self. This is precisely what meditation is all about!

I am a very busy person, how can i meditate?

Even the busiest person can practise at least one technique of meditation. Simple techniques like being constantly aware of one's breath or watching ones thoughts or still observing ones every action will transform your life while you continue normal activities. However, despite how simple it all appears, having a Master is of paramount importance to guide you on the path as you will come across different experiences and challenges as you progress.

Why are meditation techniques so important?

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  • Meditation techniques act as a photo-electric effect and liberate the mind from our lower self that consists of conditionings, suppressions, intrinsic animal and human nature.

  • All gross and subtle toxins start to become more refined before its elimination

  • Our breath becomes very refined and subtle, thus our inner layers are invigorated

  • The subtle impurities of our heart are transformed into virtues such as love and compassion

  • Our consciousness expands, there by dissipating the unconsciousness layers of our mind

Impact on your body and breathing system, mind and heart

The body contains a lot of waste products and toxins that lead to illnesses, stress, fatigue and lack of vigour. Our breathing system is under-utilised as we do not breathe in and out deeply, thus we accumulate toxins in our being. In fact, our breath is the link between our physical body and our subtle layers. The mind is a storehouse of all sorts of impressions, conditionings and suppressions that form our unconsciousness and veil the intellect and other mental faculties. The heart is presently a source of brute emotions like jealousy, attachment, hatred and sadness.

Can anyone practice Meditation?

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Meditation is the greatest revolution and is for people who are brave enough to face their weaknesses and work on overcoming them and also those who have had enough with the old system of beliefs and want to have their own experiences of reality.

Only 15mins in the morning and in the afternoon will not suffice. Meditation is a Science, the Mother of all Sciences. This can be undertaken only when one is really thirsty for Truth and with the help of a real Master, Meditation can happen to an individual for the first time in his life. As opposed, to what there is on internet, millions of information on meditation, only a real Master knows what is the power of Meditation and the real Science of attaining it!

How can I start meditation?

Know that such a lofty science requires the guidance of none other than someone who has attained enlightenment! Only an enlightened person can guide you and they are very rare phenomena that happens once a while....One such rare gem is the Meditation Master, Swami Paramananda. He knows the secrets of the inner journey leading to the state of meditation. He helps people from around the world to practice meditation.

You can read more on the Master here or you email him at mystery@globalmindtransformation.net

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