What is the Meditation Technique - Rebirth Therapy?

posted on 1 September 2013 | posted in Information

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The Rebirth Therapy is a powerful dynamic technique that aims at purifying one's body, mind and heart. The benefits are multiple: increase in self-confidence and willpower, expansion of one's consciousness, liveliness, deep relaxation, peace of mind and better health. In short, it will help one to attain a blissful state of being and to experience universal love. The Rebirth Therapy is called thus because it allows one to start afresh or to be 'born anew" after a thorough purification and total relaxation of body, mind and heart.

Now, what is wrong with our body, mind and heart that they need purification? The body contains a lot of waste products and toxins that lead to illnesses, stress, fatigue and lack of vigour. The mind is a storehouse of all sorts of impressions, conditionings and suppressions that form our unconsciousness and veil the intellect and other mental faculties. The heart is presently a source of brute emotions like jealousy, attachment, hatred and sadness.

We may not be conscious of all this, but we can certainly see how society is becoming chaotic with the rise in criminality, theft, violence, family disputes, broken families and many other social problems. All these result from our state of being. If we are frustrated, unhappy, stressed and filled with jealousy, anger and so on, the society, which is made up of individuals like us, cannot be peaceful, loving and prosperous.

So should we not seek to change this state of affairs? It is the duty of one and all to participate in building a sane and peaceful society that will benefit all of us. And for that, we cannot simply wait for a miraculous turn of events. We have to start working on ourselves as we are the building blocks of society; there is no other solution.

The science of meditation provides us with innumerable techniques which are meant to purify our being through an expansion of consciousness. The Rebirth Therapy, which consists of several stages, is one such highly effective method. However, as for all meditation techniques, the Rebirth Therapy should be learnt from a meditation master who alone knows the subtleties involved in the practice of such a powerful technique.

The practice of the Rebirth Therapy bestows good health, inner peace, supra-sensual joy and freedom from sorrow. You can experience pure love and increase your willpower and self-confidence. It is a method par excellence to eliminate stress, anxiety and depression. All you need is regular practice and a balanced life in harmony with the laws of nature. Know that meditation techniques can be learnt and practised by anyone, irrespective of religious beliefs, social background and other such limitations.

Spare yourself some time for the regular practice of this highly effective therapy and change your life. The result will be felt not only by you and your close ones, but will also benefit to your surroundings. Indeed, if even a small percentage of the population of a country practises the Rebirth Therapy together, violence, social ills and mental and emotional disorders can be reduced considerably.

Rebirth therapy has 4 phases as follows:

(1)During this stage, you will have to breathe in and out very rapidly through your nostrils for 10 minutes. This technique will throw out toxins from the body which is the cause of many ailments.

(2)This stage will help participants torelease suppressed emotions. If you feel like laughing or crying, you will befree to do it. Some may still wish to gibber and lighten the burden from their minds. Blocked emotions may come out through other gestures as well.

(3)During this 10 minute stage the participants will be asked to watch their breaths; the incoming and the outgoing. This technique if regularly practiced will sharpen the mind of the individual.

(4)During this final stage, the individual will be asked to lie down and to gradually feel each part of the body relaxed until complete relaxation of the whole body. To get better results the body should be still for some 10 minutes after which the participants will be called to make slow movements.

These four stages are to be consecutively practised under the guidance of Swami Paramananda.

Caution: Pregnant women, persons who have recently undergone surgical operation, those who have chronic asthma, mental or cardiac problems or any other serious diseases should abstain from practising the Rebirth Therapy.

Testimonials of participants of Rebirth Therapy:

The rebirth therapy was the best reward I could expect.

"I kept reading Know Thyself magazine written by Swami Paramananda regularly. I wondered what this meditation master can do. The rebirth therapy was the best reward I could expect. I met him in person and I have known what it is to feel the vibes of the presence of an enlightened master. It is important for me to say 'I was a Christian, later converted to Islam. Now I can say with all conviction that meditation can be practised by any religion. I love what happened to me."

Member of Public

I had never experienced such a strong love before...

"A few days after the Rebirth Therapy technique, I experienced something very strong. I was standing outside and doing nothing special… All of a sudden, I experienced a deep silence and during a few seconds everything around seemed to be moving in slow motion; almost at a standstill. I could sense all the persons, birds, flies, trees, colours around as if they were actually in me and I in them.

At the same time, I felt a ball of emotion in the region between my belly and heart, which grew so intense that I started to sob like a child. It was a cry of joy and love as I felt in love with everything that surrounded me. I was in love with the whole existence. I had never experienced such a strong love before..."



I was able to get rid of many negative emotions and blockages through this technique.

"After practicing the rebirth therapy, I noticed several changes within myself. My level of awareness increased considerably. I was able to get rid of many negative emotions and blockages through this technique. I can presently meditate more deeply and I always feel a calmness and peace from within.

As a result, all the challenging situations of daily life are tackled more effectively. Based on my experience I strongly feel that Rebirth Therapy is THE best meditation method tailor-made for the contemporary man..."

Secondary School Teacher

Feel full of energy, extraordinary eyesight, feeling light are the words which can attempt to describe my state just after Rebirth Therapy...

"Awareness, deep silence, full of energy, extraordinary eyesight, feeling light are the words which can attempt to describe my state just after Rebirth Therapy. An attempt yes, because words are too limited to describe that extraordinary blissful feeling. Another effect is sharp photographic memory which I developed and helped during an exam next day.