About Us

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The team consists, entirely of unwaged volunteers which help to run a series of meditation events including several large mass meditation gatherings. Our charity organisation under the name, KnowThyself Foundation, works towards empowering the individual to improve their life through the Science of Meditation.

"A complete change in mindset & behaviour through the art of meditation and cleansing of the three main layers (body, mind and heart) can lead one to a profound state of bliss, peace and happiness". Through such a state, virtue overflows where genuine non conditional loving qualities are born. Many people around the world are taking cognizance of the need for meditation in their lives and our charity believes it's the only way forward for our world.

Through an unprecedented decline in the quality of lives globally, stress is one of the biggest and mostly undetected killers of our time. Our charity aims to empower individuals through a variety of carefully devised meditation techniques under the expert guidance of a Meditation Master, Swami Paramananda who is also the founder of our group in London. All problems arise from the mind, and all its solutions too lie within it!

With Love & Peace

KnowThyself Foundation team