Only the Science of Meditation can save the world !

posted on 2 October 2013 | posted in Information

In its actual state, the human mind is like a seed which, though it conceals infinite possibilities, is covered by the layers of impressions, conditionings, instincts, suppressions and memories of all sorts which, as Freud and Jung have said, form part of the unconscious layers of the mind. The conscious part of the mind is motivated by the waves of the unconscious mind which is stirred by events of the external world. Everything that we do, the way we live and interact with other people, the problems affecting us and society all are related to our mind. And the chaotic world situation today is a proof of how unhealthy our mind is.

Therefore if harmony, peace and a stable human society are to be achieved, it will be through the transformation of the human mind. A transformed mind is a source of virtue, creativity, peace and harmony. Society is made up of individuals, therefore the basis of a sane society will depend on a global mind transformation a change in mindset all over the world.

Meditation can save the world

This most daring goal has been set by Swami Paramananda who foresees 'a new earth and a new humanity" in the years to come. Of course, it will be a gradual process that will start a new era for mankind. The evolution of mankind has reached a juncture where it will discover that the root of all problems is the mind, therefore much will have to be done for an in-depth study of the mind on a global scale. This calls for nothing less than a mental or spiritual revolution.

Swami has the vision of a new humanity emerging like a lotus from the present chaotic state. For however much evil man harbours, his soul is unblemished, hence the possibility for the new man to be born by a process of inner transformation through the practice of the science of meditation. The world needs many enlightened people and millions of geniuses for progress in the material and spiritual fields and for peace, love, freedom and bliss. Those who are thirsty for love, peace, truth, freedom and divinity are invited to join us in the Global Mind Transformation.

Only the science of meditation can save the world!

This may seem absurd to those who do not know what the science of meditation is. But it is time to realise that all other means have failed miserably to make the world a peaceful, healthy, harmonious and enjoyable place to live. Despite great progress in the material field, we are still stagnating in mental progress. We are still filled hatred, jealousy, lust, greed, violence and other such primitive negative traits that have remained with us even though we have entered the 3rd millennium and started to think of colonising other planets.

It is a shame that we can't even live harmoniously for long as our base instincts are always there to ignite a serious problem anytime, anywhere. We have even reached the point of going backward to primitive tribal behaviour with groups of people perpetually fighting each other. How come? The key is the human mind. It has stagnated for too long, and now we have reached a turning point where the law of evolution is leading mankind to decide whether it will annihilate itself and its habitat, or grow in mind. We should not be indifferent at this critical moment.

Only the growth of consciousness through the science of meditation can save us. Indeed, the science of meditation involves not only a deep understanding of the mind but also going beyond it. It shows that the solutions to all problems affecting humanity lie in a meditative or transformed mind, for as consciousness increases, all forms of stupidities and madness fall away.

By Swami Paramananda