"The Vedas"

posted on 4 June 2010 | posted in Books

Over the ages, unqualified people have been handling, reciting, discoursing, rewriting parts, reproducing, analysing and doing all sorts of gymnastics with the holy scriptures. Down the line, complex religious rites and other attributes that have got attached to the scriptures have acquired prominence, leaving behind the esoteric truths in the darkness of ignorance. Even the scriptures now need to be liberated from the dust of time and sullied minds. Such a sacred task requires a highly advanced, pure and divinely inspired being.

Swami Paramananda has embarked on such an attempt through his writings, discourses, meditation courses, the web and media. After his previous works in this line 'Hidden Teachings in the Bible', 'Wisdom of the Ancients', 'Solah Samskaras', 'Hinduism: Philosophy or Mysticism?', 'The Spiritual Aspects of Maha Shivaratri', 'Spirituality & Secrets behind Hindu Religious Festivals', and 'Profound Spiritual Truth behind the Durga Puja' The Master is now offering us 'From the Vedas'. In this 21st book of his, he interprets a handful of Vedic verses that underline the pertinent needs of the time and elaborates on the subtle truths underlying the messages conveyed by the rishis of yore

There are many interpretations of the Vedic verses but it requires the elevated level of consciousness of the rishis of yore to probe into their depth. Swami Paramananda has undertaken the magnificent task of revealing what those masters wanted to share with mankind.

Swami Paramananda goes beyond the words to express the lofty truths concealed behind the Vedic verses. Grouping the verses in three main chapters related to God-realisation, natural health and the nature of God, he first expounds on the prime duty of man, which is to realise his own self as God. And for that, the guidance of an enlightened being or guru is of prime importance.

The Master then shows to what extent the Vedic rishis had mastery over medical field and in particular on pranayam - the science of breathing. After all, the Vedas contain not only spiritual gems but also knowledge about science, medicine and health, amongst others. In the third chapter, Swami Paramananda explains the mystical truth about God as the all-pervading consciousness existing as matter or energy and consciousness. He is the soul and also the material cause and essence of the universe. Only one who has experienced Samadhi can delve in such depth and decipher the rishis" realisations!

Throughout 'From the Vedas', Swamiji lays emphasis on the importance of experience rather than simply accumulating knowledge. "My hope is that those who read this book are blessed to go beyond the words of even the Vedas because the ultimate experience is wordless and beyond knowledge - it simply is," says the author.

In this fantastic book, Swami Paramananda has unravelled in a very scientific manner the quintessence of the Vedas to make us realise that we can become a living Buddha by igniting and expanding the fire of awareness through intense practice of meditation and righteous living.

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