"Listen to Yourself First " - By a Meditation Master!

posted on 4 June 2010 | posted in Information

The body has its language, so do the heart and the mind, but few people have the art and science of reading, listening to and understanding these languages. Being too busy in focusing on the external world, we have no time to look into ourselves. It is also a fact that we are afraid to listen to and understand the inner language because we are bound to come across much madness. However, beyond all this there is something immensely beautiful and vast. But before we can attain to it, we should be ready to go through the first step of reading and listening to the three languages, which will reveal to us innumerable truths concerning ourselves, our real nature and our relationship with whatever exists.

Body, mind and heart have three different languages. For instance, the language of the body is instinct. When it is hungry , it gives a signal by releasing the gastric fire. When it needs rest, it will release a hormone that will send the whole metabolism into a somnolent state. It has many other languages that we need to understand. The heart too has its ways of expression. For example, it needs love to grow but presently it is polluted by the ways of the mind, which is the master. It has its own desires and needs, just like the mind. Though we need not fulfil all the needs of our body, mind and heart, certain basic needs have to be satisfied. The heart has to be given full expression of emotion, but it should also be seen that it does not overpower the body and the mind. Presently such is the situation.

Similarly the bodily needs should not be a source of trouble. We should not, for example, become a slave to taste. Otherwise, it may cause us a lot of trouble through diseases resulting mostly from non-discrimination with respect to the types of food that may be good for the tongue but harmful to the body itself. Sex is good and beautiful but going through it without discrimination has done much damage to the individual and the society. Emotion is the juice of life but uncontrolled emotion blinds the eye of the mind. As a consequence of our unconsciousness, the three forces of our life namely, bodily needs, emotions and thoughts of desire have overpowered and poisoned our whole life. Humanity as a whole has become a disease and life is hellish. All this is the result of not observing and listening to what happens on the three different layers of our being. Intense observation with a detached and calm mind can reveal a lot about the psychology of our being. Such a revelation can help us to go beyond these three layers and attain to something that is immortal and blissful. But instead of doing so, we have either over-indulged or suppressed the needs of these three layers. Now we are in a mess and prefer to live life as it comes.
These three layers of our being form the greatest library where all secrets of human and even animal life are found. For that purpose, I always emphasise and insist on self-knowledge: "know thyself". After all, these are the only faithful givens we have. We cannot trust the scriptures or other people's words more than our own nature. Even the world out there is illusive and a mental reflection. The truly religious or spiritual seeker always starts from the point where he is and that is his own self.

The first step towards the self is the body. No one can deny the body. Strangely, some religions teach to deny and hate the body. It is absolutely unnatural because if it were not for the body, we would not be here. If we can listen to our body, mind and heart then we shall be able to listen and understand anybody else, nay, we shall be able to read them as we read ourselves! However, presently it demands tremendous energy to read, listen and understand the real language of these three aspects of our being because they have been poisoned by false education. Therefore, the art or the science has to be learnt, otherwise you may be discouraged and stop all effort and continue as you are.

Try a small experience. For one month constantly observe your thoughts, needs, emotions and bodily gestures, then make out for yourself if they are normal or abnormal. Whatever be the result, do not stop. Go on observing and see whether you or even other people are living in a rational manner. This will be the beginning of self-education. From this a great door will open and a revolution will start taking place in your life. Stop watching the affairs of other people, instead devote that time in listening to your own mind; there is much to acquire from there. Simply be determined, gather enough courage and start right now. If you succeed in listening to, reading and understanding yourself with utmost sincerity, then you will be sure to find God one day.

Swami Paramananda

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