The Meditation Master enlightens us: "The Real Crisis" !!!

posted on 4 June 2011 | posted in Information

" We all talk of political, economic and social crises, but what is the source of all forms of crisis? Is it not the degeneration of humanity day by day? What does this mean? Selfishness, dishonesty, greed, exploitation, fear, ignorance of one's real nature the list is long. The real crisis is the complexity of human nature, which is a mixture of both human and animal characteristics and a thick layer of unconsciousness.

United Nations

Due to unconsciousness, man has become a slave of sensuality and that, coupled with his complex character, has given birth to all known human conflicts. If we have any problem or disease to tackle, it is that of the human nature. But the problem is that till now science and psychology do not know much about human nature or more precisely the mind, which is the source of human behaviour. How, for example, to transform anger or not to get angry at any time and be carried away by it? Control, will say many people. But this has been said since always and the result is visible.

Anger is energy, a very subtle one, like lightning. Once it engulfs the brain, it is not easy to face it. Control leads to suppression, while expression leads one into trouble. What then is the solution to greed, hatred, jealousy and other negative characteristics? The solution, says the mystic, is transcendence. But what is that and how to arrive at it? To transcend means to go beyond by transformation; then whether it is anger, hatred, boredom, laziness, , all can be transformed into pure energy. And one can arrive at it by expansion of consciousness.

As attentiveness or awareness expands, anything which is not one's true self, such as anger, greed and lust (these come from us but are not us) gets transformed just as snow melts when the sun shines. Both science and psychology agree on the fact that we use only a portion of the total capacity of our brain, but they do not say how we can increase it or how we can expand our awareness. If we go deep into human behaviour, we will see that it is the lack of awareness which is the root of all our weaknesses and problems. We are like drunkards or drugged persons.

Let us view it from a scientific perspective. If we do not use the total capacity of our brain, it means that we are not fully aware. And if we are not fully aware, what kind of life are we leading? Are we not an unfulfilled and incomplete human being? What guarantee is there that whatever we are doing is correct?

The result is frustration, corruption, violence, stress, anxiety, depression, diseases, terrorism, racism, hegemony, fanaticism, obsession, attachment, laziness and innumerable others. A simple thing can eliminate all these and make an individual a fully conscious, responsible, intelligent and loving person: an increase in his level of consciousness. Yet how difficult it may be for even the most learned man to understand that!

The logic is simple and straightforward. All emotions and moods come from within, therefore it is there that we must focus our attention. It is only a question of directing our consciousness inside. Presently, you are looking at, listening to and feeling the external world. Now try to focus inside. Be in a silent place, close your eyes and feel whatever feelings, thoughts or moods arise in you. Do this exercise especially when an emotion or mood arises inside, such as when you are angry or sad or are feeling lazy or sexual. Only then you can understand what I mean by focusing your attention inside.

As you observe your emotions, you will feel a sort of heat or suffocation. That will be due to the fact that they are being 'burnt' or transformed. And if your observation is intense, the emotions will disappear and you will feel more attentiveness and silence inside.

There is a whole science about how to expand your consciousness so as to dissolve your whole unconscious layer. That I have called 'the science of meditation'. It includes a whole range of practices in view to have enough energy to ignite and inflame awareness. Consciousness is our real eye. The clearer it becomes, the better will be our inner perception and understanding.

Therefore, if we wish to have a thorough understanding of human nature, we have to sharpen or expand our awareness. Only that can transform the individual and thus society at large. If there is any education we have to give to people in view of making them a sane, responsible, loving, intelligent and free creature, it is the education of how to become more and more aware.

It is now time to start the inner journey as this alone will solve the crisis mankind is facing today. Try a little experiment: the next time you feel moody, emotional or angry, close your eyes and focus all your attention on your feelings. Do this a few times and you will realize that you are something other than them. Normally you are identified with your anger, feelings, moods and so on - that is why you are carried away and forget everything else. Buddha referred to it as wrong meditation. Right meditation is to stand apart and watch them. That he called mindfulness. Try it, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Swami Paramananda