The Photo-Electric Effect - By an Meditation Master!

posted on 4 June 2012 | posted in Information

According to the theory of the photo-electric effect, when light strikes an atom, its electrons change state by moving from one level to another. Through interaction with photons, which are fundamental units of light, the electrons gain energy and overcome the powerful force of attraction of the nucleus. If the energy of the light is intense enough, then the bond that holds the electrons will be broken and the latter will fly apart. The greater the energy of the light, the more likely the force that binds the particle will move apart.


Meditation techniques do a similar work on the ego. The mind or the ego is like a particle resulting from the assemblage of innumerable qualities that have been produced and collected during its long journey through eight million four hundred thousand species of life and innumerable human lives. This has made the mind become a point completely separate from the whole, of which it forms part and which fundamentally is even one with it.

The purer or higher stage of religion invites us to a journey into the expansion of consciousness. Man can use his body, mind and heart to fuel his present state of consciousness for further expansion. That is the solution to all the problems of life!

Swami Paramananda