Benefits of a spiritual Retreat

posted on 4 August 2009 | posted in Information

SGAS UK Spiritual Meditation summer retreat 2011

Are you looking for a different holiday this summer? Have you ever thought of going somewhere different? Have you ever considered of going on a spiritual journey leading to the discovery of the inner self? Did you know that the Buddhist's middle path is a powerful means to live an existence full of awareness, wisdom and zest?

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Imagine an opportunity to live for a few days in picturesque, breathtaking and peaceful surroundings of suburban Northampton. Imagine yourself embracing an oasis of serenity in the midst of the lofty trees, the vast acres of land and the valleys; the coronet of the vicinity. Join us for our summer retreat!

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If you need to find time and space in your frenetic life; if you need to escape the mundane world for a while; if you want to cultivate an expression of pure mindfulness; if you want to dance your way through life; join our meditation retreat as it will provide you with a plethora of unparalleled experience to take with you. The retreat will provide a unique dimension of living whereby you will understand the power to love unconditionally. From dawn to dusk, you will submerge yourself in a pool of divine love. You will unleash your inner suppression, anger, jealousy, fear and like a Sufi you will dance with us, sing with us, meditate with us, share your experience and celebrate life with us.

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What will make your stay with us more unique is; you will spend 3 days in the presence of the scientist of the inner world; also an international writer who has published dozens of books of mystical nature: Swami Paramananda, par excellence. His enlightened presence and charismatic persona will help you to create an inner space in your being whereby you will learn on how to unwind any suppressions and focusing on your potential celestial being by connecting the microcosmic entity to the macrocosmic, through powerful meditation practices. You will simply have an opportunity to learn about the Buddha by a living Buddha and practise some powerful meditation techniques!