The Vision of a Future

posted on 5 February 2012 | posted in Information

Prophets and enlightened beings always exhort disciples to live in the present moment. Man, however, continues to dream of a better future and to brood over the past. And see the result: we have a mad world on the verge of being annihilated by our own hands!

See where our stupid dreams have led our once Garden of Eden! It seems that our dream now is to destroy this planet so that people will forget that we even had great ancient civilizations in Egypt, India, Greece and other places or that we had masters of the calibre of Jesus, Mohammed, Socrates, Krishna, Rama and Buddha.

It is in the nature of man to dream of a better tomorrow. It is in our very genes because we are not satisfied. We are constantly frustrated and are seeking a joy that will last forever. We find solace in the fact that there is a heaven which we can acquire after death. We fool ourselves into believing that after-life will be alright even if things are not fine here on earth. We even quote Jesus who said, "Those who are first here will be last there." Then why worry? If we suffer now, hereafter we will be fine. What are all these, if not dream-stuffs? What a big illusion!

There is nothing wrong in dreaming, but to keep on dreaming or to dream of dreams is not wise. Dreams are fragile, temporary, ephemeral and always followed by misery. We are as if in a dream happening within another dream. Dreams always break, then why not seek for the reality and that tremendous possibility which is our own potential and is eternal? If there is any real future, it is our own consciousness - all else is fleeting and illusive.

I often hear people say, "My dreams have not been fulfilled." But dreams, even if they are eventually fulfilled, are nothing but dreams. Sweet dreams are like drugs. They render us unconscious of the harsh realities of life which are like nightmares. With the latter, however, there is the possibility of waking up, whereas with sweet dreams the desire for more dreams becomes inflamed.

Though it is natural to dream, the truth is that we have a most brilliant future awaiting actualisation. It is infinitely better than any dream. It is here-now within us like a seed waiting to germinate and blossom. Apart from its growth, we have no future and the way the situation is at present, we may not have any future at all. We run the risk of simply becoming extinct like the dinosaurs. Therefore, let us start reflecting on our future. But thinking alone is not enough; we will have to create the right atmosphere for the vision to materialise.

vision of a better future

My vision is about a potential reality, which is our ultimate destiny. It is something that can be actualized, and for that we must understand human nature in its most profound sense. Man is a quantum or a packet of possibilities, the ultimate one being an eternal state of bliss, ineffable peace, freedom, love and creativity. On the way to that, he can manifest many other great possibilities that can make the world a much better place to live in.

However, mere knowledge will not help. We shall have to undertake the adventure towards ourselves. The problem is that the inner world is subtle and our present mind is gross. This is why we shall have to refine the mind. Meditation techniques will help tremendously in that process. A vision can be materialized only when we focus enough energy towards its materialisation. And we can produce much energy. In fact, we do produce it, but we direct it on many external and transient objectives and in return we harvest nothing but sorrow and suffering.

So what can we do? Let us all join our forces and produce a great awakening through mass meditation. The attempt to solve the present problems by a few individuals alone may not produce the large impact that is needed to change the current state of affairs. Everybody must participate in the creation of a new world order.

When a large number of people meditate together, a powerful field of subtle vibration (also known as Buddha-field) is generated which is a great boost to one's spiritual evolution. It also creates a positive environment conducive to peace and harmony. Let us work towards making our island a true paradise where awakened people lead the way to both material and spiritual progress.

By Swami Paramananda