Lessons from Nature

posted on 5 April 2014 | posted in Information

From the tree I have learnt forbearance. It endures many cyclones, strong winds and the scorching sun rays, yet it is silent, always giving shelter, shadow and fruits, and finally it accepts to be used as fuel. The yogi is like a tree in some ways: he goes through all kinds of sufferings and tribulations, yet he bears them with patience for he knows that they are all from the Supreme Lord. He uses them as a blessing to go in the inner recesses of his heart. Just as wood has countless uses, similarly the wise is the store-house of virtue.


The sky is infinite, free, unattached to anything and simply a witness to the whole creation. The mind of a yogi is calm, always united to the infinite inner sky, untainted and unaffected by outer events. Where does it begin, whither it ends! It is all-encompassing. The sky conceals infinite secrets in its womb. When the clouds are present, no one can see the sky, but when there is no cloud, the sky is clear. Similarly, when the cloud of ignorance is in the mind, man does not know his true self. Once ignorance dissipates, the mind becomes clear like the sky.

From the sea, I have learnt how turbulent the mind is and also how life consists of ups and downs. As the wind blows, the sea becomes rough. Similarly, when the wind of external events touches the mind, creating all kinds of emotions, the mind becomes wavy and restless. Whether calm or wavy, the sea conceals pearls and other precious materials. The mind, too, hides in its deepest level the secrets of human life, God and the universe. When plunging in the sea, one may have a few pearls and other precious materials. Through meditation, one dives deep in the subconscious and the supra-conscious, and one may acquire much useful knowledge. In the sea, there are both harmful and harmless creatures; likewise, the mind has both vice and virtue.

Mother Earth gives us all the ingredients for a suitable life, yet She Herself bears all the load. How many secrets are hidden in Her womb! It is the laboratory of human transformation into the Divine. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Mohammed have blessed Her. Mother Earth bears so many evil aggressions from human beings, yet She continues to give in abundance the precious gems that lay in Her bosom. Like Her, saints, incarnations and devotees bear so many tribulations, yet they continue to shower blessings on those who harm them. Though he was nailed to the cross and was suffering atrociously, Jesus said, "Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they are doing."
From the fruit-tree, I have learnt the lesson of humility. The more a tree is laden with fruit, the more it bends forward, and also attracts more stone-throwing. Similarly, sages filled with wisdom are simple and humble. They are more prone to criticism than others as they are revolutionaries; they have to face the scorn of society. A famous example is Jesus of Nazareth.

Looking at a pregnant woman, the realisation dawned upon me as to how the universe is born. The seed is planted in the womb and after nine months, a complete being is born. On the cosmic level, the seed of creation is sowed in the womb of Primordial Matter by the Supreme Mind. After manifesting in nine stages, the universe, child of the Divine Couple, is born.

The Truth reflects in the whole creation as an invitation for us human beings to seek the Eternal. Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.

By Swami Paramananda