A New Approach to Politics - By a Meditation Master!

posted on 5 June 2014 | posted in Information

Yes, that is what we need, a new approach to politics. Politicians have failed us, failed the whole society. It is time to get rid of them and bring some fresh minds in this field. The aim of politics is to create a better society, which should be a base for the flourishing of the heart and the expansion of the mind, but it has failed. Why? Because politicians represent the peak of greed and selfishness. Animals are selfish, and so are human beings, but the latter are supposed to transform the selfishness into altruism. However, being entangled in it, they have become extremely materialistic, sensual and ignorant.


It is natural for animals to be selfish; in fact it is the force that motivates their survival and evolution. But people are selfish and greedy at the same time. And from this marriage, all the known human evils are born. From greed and ambitions, selfishness is strengthened and this gives rise to lust, jealousy, competition, anger, hatred, violence and so on. Power in the hands of such human beings is extremely dangerous and risky. Contemporary society bears testimony to my statement. Politicians and governments have failed to create a better world. They are the most corrupted people who use power and the state for their own selfish motives. Their main concern is not good governance and common good, but rather the gathering of wealth, name and power.

The new breed of politicians, or fresh minds I am referring to need to be free from the above diseases. Only such type of people can serve the population. In short, they should be spiritual people. Such individuals are self-content, and have realised that the external world is only a means for a higher purpose. They know that That sensuality and materialism are fleeting and illusory. They live in unity, hence in harmony with the laws of nature. They tread the path of truth and are free from the ego, thus from the notion of I and mine. I am not talking about a perfect human being but rather of a sane, authentic and whole individual, for that is our real nature.

Some people might think that all this is utopia or a dream. Well, I would say they are ignorant. Remember, all external revolutions have failed, whether in UK or elsewhere. How did the Communist Party in Russia, China and other parts of the world begin? What has happened now? All external revolutions have failed. Their leaders became dictators and dictators are dangerous because they have power in their hands. Power in the hands of stupid, greedy and non-spiritual people is extremely dangerous. Today our world is in the hands of such people. And it is time to get rid of them. But How? We need a global mind transformation. We need a maximum of spiritual people. Spirituality means the inner science, meditation, a radical mind change, not mere codes of conduct or principles.

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Lord Acton said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is not totally true. I would put it in the following manner: people are already corrupted, they are already selfish, ambitions and greedy, and when they get power their evil traits manifest with greater force. In the words of Osho, "Your inner dogs start barking."

Therefore my proposal is that before taking power, we should be healed of our selfishness, greed and lust. In brief, we should be free from corruption and only the spiritual science or the science of meditation can lead us to that.

Without a transformed mind, even the most good-intentioned people will become politicians, that is, exploiters. It has been said that the way to hell is paved with the best of intentions. By the way, the purpose of existence is not governance, pure politics or good health but the flourishing of the heart and mind and without the spiritual science that is not possible.

If politics does not help in that endeavour or does not create the right atmosphere to meet that end, then it is a failure. As matters stand, anyone with some insight can clearly see how lamentably politicians have failed. Now it is time for a new breed of politicians to take birth. But we should beware because there are many wolves who will seek to wear the garb of the lamb. I mean unscrupulous people who have learned that spirituality can be a good cover could use it to lure people. So beware of aspiring politicians and also of old ones. Become spiritual so that you can distinguish between the fake and the genuine.

Ultimately, the spiritual science is quite long and arduous, but if we start early and have the guidance of a non-traditional master like myself, the unfolding can be quickened. Only spirituality or meditation can bring a change in both the individual and the world at large.

Swami Paramananda