Buddha: His scientific approach to life and the Nirvana.

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Death is not the end of human life and there is definitely a way to go beyond misery and absolute peace, immortality and Liberation . Amongst the great ones, Gautam Buddha way was simply realistic and appealing to the logical mind. He was faced with common problems of life such as boredom and sadness. In spite of all the wealth his father possessed, he found no solution to his boredom and sadness. He started his quest deprived of any religious teachings that could awaken the spirit of renunciation and search for God. He found a way and finally attains enlightenment.

Now your quest begins!

Gautam Siddharth is one amongst the rarest, if not the only human being who approach life in a scientific manner. He had no religion, no teacher and he was neither a philosopher, nor a scientist. He was simply a human being who was leading an affluent princely life. Too much of anything becomes boring sooner or later. It is something very human and natural: it is not necessary to have a guru or a philosopher to tell us that. But certainly, one must be a little more aware to proclaim like Albert Camus and Gautam Siddharth, but few like Gautam would be daring to seek beyond the absurdity and vicious circle of routine life. Camus had no solution to the absurdity of life; Gautam too had no solution, but he decided to go and search for it. This is a revolution: to determine to break the routine of society and go in search of some-thing better. For others it is sheer madness. But when boredom and frustration reach their limits, then one care little about what the whole world says.

Buddha by Swami Paramananda

Gautam Buddha was destined to be an emperor; still a question of the same vicious circle of life. One day, the young prince decided to see the outside world and breath the air of liberty that was absent from the palace. The scenes he saw were about to change the course of his life completely. Note well that without these sights, maybe Gautam would not have become the Buddha. Therefore the external world acts as a trigger. In fact, the world always stands as a blessing; only a little awareness on our part is needed to realize it. The sight of an old person, the presence of a diseased one followed by the scene of a funeral procession stirred his being to such an extent that he questioned his charioteer. Let us stop for a while and reflect on this situation.

Think how brutal can be the effect on some who, being always kept amongst luxuries and happiness, is certainly exposed to the crude realities of life. Children should not be kept away from the hard realities of life, or else their mental equilibrium may be affected if they are suddenly exposed without being fully prepared. Gautam was one angle pampered by his parents and they must have regretted it. Life has a natural course- we should learn it without being conditioned by belief, religion and tradition. Fortunately Gautam was not influence by any religion or belief; otherwise he would not have been as unique, beautiful and scientific as he has been. Gautam Buddha is a model for the whole humanity. His life clearly demonstrates that one does not have to belong to s specific community to start the search for truth. He gave no commandment but simply the best way to attain liberation from misery and suffering.

From the book
Buddha: His scientific approach to life and the Nirvana.

By Swami Paramananda