What Do The Scriptures Say?

posted on 6 October 2012 | posted in Information

"The purpose of scriptures is to make sincere seekers of Truth realise that the reality of man, God and the Universe lies beyond the lines of the scriptures."

Scriptures take birth when a master, who is a God-realised being, a prophet or an incarnation, teaches so as to lead ardent seekers on the path of Truth. Truth, however, cannot be expressed in words. Devices must be found which can help the disciple to reflect deeply. When asked by Pontius Pilate, "What is truth?" Jesus kept silent. If Pilate were a seeker of Truth, maybe he would have understood the message. Sometimes, the master answers with his being, his silence does the work. That, of course, will depend on the mental evolution of the disciple.

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Scriptures have been given by different prophets in different regions of the planet. Though fundamentally they teach the same truth, they vary in approach. There are a few reasons for that. In the first place, the level of evolution is not the same everywhere. Jesus spoke in parables to lead people to discover the truth by themselves. If he told them the truth directly, they would run the risk of completely misunderstanding him because of the loftiness of the teachings. There is also the probability that those who receive such teachings can become blind followers if they do not make any effort on their part to realise these. If they are curious enough, a parable is bound to provoke reflection. This will inevitably lead to the unfolding of their thinking faculty.

Furthermore, it is only direct experience that makes one become intelligent and an authority on the subject that has been meditated upon. Osho (Rajneesh) says, "I use word to bring you beyond words." Enlightenment is a state beyond words. Masters use ways and means that they find most convenient to teach people. However, language, as we all know, is a very limited means of communication error, misunderstanding and distortion are bound to take place. However, the misunderstanding or distortion will always come from the hearer. The reason is that he vibrates on a completely different plane. People are always living in a world of their own, with 95.5% of layers of unconsciousness veiling their mind. They will listen only to that which will not shatter their dreams. Masters use words to awaken the listener, their aim is not to make people knowledgeable.

Enlightenment is awakening from unconsciousness to consciousness. The means used by different masters may vary, but the aim is basically the same. Also, people should not be disturbed by truths that are beyond their mental capacity. Do not disturb the mind of others. The sleepwalker should not be brought back to the normal state abruptly this may disturb his brain. Spiritual masters, mystics and prophets bring a message from the Beyond. They are witnesses to a reality that is beyond the grasp of the eyes and the mind. In short, they channel a mystery that is expressed and received only in silence.

Society lives according to certain norms and has a standard by which it can judge whether someone is right or wrong. These norms are products of unconsciousness, they are carbon copies. The virtues displayed by people in society are used to cover up their vices. People are sleepwalkers and because the virtues are not spontaneous, natural and motivated by the energy of Pure Consciousness, the vices of the unconsciousness cannot be suppressed for long. The result is crime, incest, violence, war and others you can consult the media. One whose sleep of unconsciousness has been broken is moved by the plight of people. The awakened one wants to help others to attain enlightenment as well, since he knows that they all form part of the same sublime substance.

Buddha used to say, "I am pointing to the moon, but you are looking at my finger." This has happened throughout the ages and is still happening in all religions. People are looking at the fingers of the prophets instead of focusing their attention in the direction towards which the fingers are pointing. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you," and people are still thinking of a kingdom with a king and things related to it.

Religion is both theory and practice. Knowledge and rituals should be made alive by experiencing the reality to which they point. Ganga Snan celebrated by the Hindus opens the mind towards the lofty realities of delving into the ocean of the soul. It points towards the dip in the holy water of the Spirit within, which gives complete purification and thus relaxation. The seven dips represent the seven stages through which the mind has to pass before attaining complete purification. Today, most people are lost in the ritual and even seize the opportunity to transform the ceremony into a material event.

Scriptures are divine. They reveal through symbols, parables, codices and techniques, the way to attain liberation from all forms of suffering. Misinterpretation and negligence have already cost humanity a lot of suffering. So many wars have been waged in the name of religion. Corruption, bribery, ego-trip have invaded the purity of religion and the scriptures. There have been instances when people with crooked minds have twisted the truth of the scriptures for their own selfish ends. But the time has come when, as Jesus said, "That which was hidden will be exposed in its nakedness." There are a few great souls who have already taken birth for this purpose.

By Swami Paramananda