The Power of Emotion

posted on 9 July 2014 | posted in Information

Emotion is the power that makes lovers considers each other as gods and even as God at times. Emotion is the grossest state of love. It is not love yet, though love can be born out of it. It can be churned and transformed into love and there is a whole science and art to that. Humanity has been fooled into believing that attraction and emotional attachment is love. Some even say that where there is love, there is jealousy. How far indeed such people are from love!

Being unaware of their subtle layers, people are carried away by the reactions generated by them. For instance, they are not aware that there is a layer of their being where emotion takes form and from there manifests in the physical layer, more precisely at the solar plexus which corresponds to the heart chakra in the astral body. When emotion touches that plexus, there is a series of reactions depending on the type of emotion. For example, there may be a minor or strong release of adrenaline.


Emotion is beautiful; without it we would be mere mechanical devices. But without awareness, too much of emotion may be catastrophic. Unsuccessful lovers often commit suicide because they are engulfed by it. The amount of awareness of the mind is so small that it gets easily carried away by the upsurge of emotion. There should be a balance between the mind and the heart. Any imbalance may prove fatal. Nature is always seeking to establish a balance and where it has to force its way out to accomplish this, there is natural catastrophe.

Without awareness, emotion will remain gross and much of it will always blur the mind and cause great damage to the body and the subtle layers. Looking through a mind blurred by emotion is like looking through colour-tinted glasses; reality is left out. Most people are prey to their own emotions and this has already destroyed many things. A relation based on emotion is not genuine because it is superficial and when reality is discovered there is frustration. Emotion is so powerful that it governs one's reasoning. It is as if one is walking in the dark.

Today we are talking about emotional intelligence. I wonder how many people know what it is. Emotion coupled with full awareness becomes emotional intelligence. Awareness refines our emotion and refined emotion is love. Love does not blind the mind as ignorant people tend to believe. Lovers are blinded by too much emotion, while love is subtle. One can see through it as it is not opaque but translucent. One does not suffer by it, nor does one who has love make others suffer. If only we knew the science to refine our emotions, then a great transformation could take place in our being.

All our songs, poetry and arts are partly the effect of gross emotions. Refined emotion would give a better quality to these. Emotional intelligence is the result of hard work and the heart becomes intelligent only through awareness. Emotion of the best quality plus intelligence can make our life completely beautiful. Emotions we already have, now we only have to add awareness to it. Start by becoming more vigilant about the least emotion and the way it influences our mind and every action. The vigilance should be sharp and constant. Little by little this will lead to sharper and more intense observation. Much will be learnt in this way and detachment will ensue as emotions begin to dissolve into pure energy, making one's vision become clearer. Only then will one know what emotional intelligence is, not before.

Love does not blind the mind as ignorant people tend to believe.

Lovers are blinded by too much emotion, while love is subtle.

by Swami Paramananda