Do Not Sleep Away Your Life

posted on 10 March 2012 | posted in Information

If a person has lived for seventy years, he has spent nearly twenty years of his life sleeping. During sleep, man is supposed to contact the source of energy which enables him to continue with his usual activities. Also, when the body and the mind are relaxed by sleep, the door of the ten senses are closed to prevent the outflow of energy which normally happens during the waking state. However, nowadays not much is achieved through sleep as people suffer from insomnia resulting from a chaotic way of life. Dreams of all sorts, nightmares, stress and other illnesses are always present to prevent people from enjoying a sound sleep.

A very strange thing has happened to mankind. Man is already an unconscious being with only four and a half percent of consciousness which is engaged in day-dreams and added to that, a considerable part of his life is slept away. Some persons sleep during the day too. The mind is constantly engaged in greed, lust, hatred, jealousy, anger and other vices. Philosophy, religion, morality exist only in thought and as a habit. Then, when are humans living and what kind of life are they engaged into? What is life for such a creature? I have not used the word 'human being" here for this term applies not to those who live unconsciously in thought or sleep, but to those who are awakened to the truth of their being.


During sleep, there is a stage called sushupti in the East and which is translated as good or profound sleep. Only in that state or during that period does one sleep indeed, for then one's mind is in contact with the supreme Ocean of Energy, though unconsciously. If this is attained consciously, it becomes enlightenment or Samadhi of the East, Nirvana of Buddha, Fana of Mohammed and the Kingdom of Heaven of Jesus.

Man is seemingly awake when, in fact, he is a in profound sleep of unconsciousness and in the depth of his unconscious layers are buried innumerable dreams, vices, virtues, repressed impressions, habits and so many other things. Beyond all these is the state of supra-consciousness or Being, attaining which he becomes human + being. At present, he is not being but a sleep-walker. It is indeed difficult to face such a reality, but there is no other way out if we want to become free from illusion and achieve eternal freedom, peace, bliss, and power.

Man is already an unconscious being with only four and a half percent of consciousness which is engaged in day-dreams and added to that, a considerable part of his life is slept away.

Drugs are taken apparently to obtain happiness and to forget sorrows. In fact, everything remains the same, simply our consciousness is blurred so as not to face the inner reactions in the form of sorrow and suffering. Unconsciousness has taken over man so much so that everything becomes a drug for him. He can be addicted to anything. Some people are even addicted to religion which made Karl Marx say that religion is the opium of the masses. From one angle, he is right. Not only religion is taken as opium, but also food, gambling, sex, money, pride, honour and everything else. All these render people blind in mind.

Mental blindness is unconsciousness. On the surface, we all seem to be very much civilized. What is wrong with singing, dancing, cinema, football and so on? Nothing! But since people are searching for an escape, they make these things become a habit because it suits them. No one wants to face his unconsciousness and the evils that are lurking therein. Churning is constantly being performed by Mother Nature in the form of adverse circumstances, difficulties and challenges, to bring from our depth our hidden qualities going beyond which, we may attain the Inner Kingdom. But instead of being brave and facing them, we run away and in seeking to forget them, we have recourse to all types of drugs. The so-called moralistic education and other foolish philosophy have taught us repression instead of awareness and expression. No one becomes intelligent and religious without facing his inner layers. No one wants to face his unconsciousness and the evils that are lurking therein.

Kabir sings, "You spent your childhood in playing, slept in youth and now weep over your old age." Add the unconscious moments of sleep to those of the intoxication of senses and the fantasy of past and future: the mathematics will qualify us more as automatons and sleep-walkers. Is there a moment when man touches his centre with full awareness? We are so unconscious that we overlook glimpses of our divine nature during certain moments when the door is opened to allow us to peep in. When talking about death, Osho once said, "I see millions of corpses everyday!" Do men take birth to die, to gratify the senses or simply to procreate? When shall we be awakened to the most sublime reality which is potentially latent in the depth of our being? People are like the giraffe which eat from trees very small leaves that are amongst thorns. No matter the jaws are hurt to the point of bleeding, yet they continue to eat.

See what is becoming of this paradise-like world: a universal holocaust is being prepared. When will man decide to come out of his long sleep from where nothing but vices are taking birth? We are at a period in the history of humanity when we possess the greatest amount of knowledge in all fields. Yet, we are perhaps at the apex of barbarism. There is still hope because in every society, there are a few people who are ready to revolt against the way life is proceeding, but they should be courageous enough to undergo a total transformation of their being to be able to help others. Every enlightened person is a torch-light in the darkness of the pseudo-civilization of today.

A great transformation is possible if many people are awakened. Many people should practice the science of awakening, call this meditation if you wish. The light that is produced will dissipate all evil from the surface of the earth. Come on, be curious enough to at least know what this science is all about and how it works. You have nothing to lose. There is no belief or disbelief: it is purely scientific. Wake up! Be brave and come to meet the greatest and most worthy challenge of all times.

Swami Paramananda