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Man is a replica of the cosmos in miniature. In other words, man is a small universe in a big one. Whatever exists in the Universe exists in the body of man. The basic constituents of both the Universe and the human body are ether, air, fire, water and earth. The first one, ether, is not yet a scientific discovery but has been known since long by mystics.

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Be it from the scientific angle or the spiritual angle, the body is a marvel. The organisation of its cells, the molecular structure, the genetic code: all these baffle even the greatest brain. Day by day, science is still discovering new functions of cells, organs and the ways they are related to the outer world.

Since the dawn of human civilisation, science has progressed in knowledge concerning the body and the means to keep it in good health. Man, however, is not only a body. He is a whole that is composed essentially of seven layers. Such a knowledge is achieved by a seer. He is a seer who has gone beyond the thinking faculty to discover that he is a soul, a Pure Consciousness which is the essence of both man and the Universe.

When the mind is cleared of all repressed impressions and all forms of disturbances, then direct perception is achieved. Through it, the truth regarding man, God and the Universe stands revealed. In this context, the knowledge that concerns the total being of man is being revealed here.

Man, an Image of God

As said previously, man is a tiny universe and is part and parcel of the Universe and God. Before going into more details regarding the seven layers, it is good to know that there is only one Man and He is the Lord God. The Universe is His body. In that Supreme Body, there is a Supreme Mind. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, who is God incarnate, shows to Arjuna, his friend and disciple, the universal form of the Lord. "I am ALL," He says.

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Bearing in mind the words of William Blake, "See eternity in a grain of sand," and the system of fractals of Benoît Mandelbrot, it can be said that man is a fractal reproduction of the Universe. He is a point in it and that point reflects the whole reality of the Universe. Any point in the Universe must reflect God and the Universe. If man is an image of God, then he must necessarily reflect both the Creator and the creation, for both are two aspects of the same reality.

As the image of an object reflects the object, similarly man reflects his Creator from all angles except that God is infinite while man is finite. God has a body, which is the creation; man, too, possesses a body. Everything which exists in the Universe exists in the body of man too. God is the Supreme Mind and the Supreme Soul. Man, too, possesses a mind and is an individual soul. Man's mind possesses five main faculties, namely, thought, reasoning, speech, memory and comprehension. God possesses these faculties on an infinite level. Man is a tiny actor while God is the Supreme Actor. Man is a tiny enjoyer while God is the Supreme Enjoyer.

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