Thought Waves: Beware of them!

posted on 17 June 2010 | posted in Information

The universe is composed of a multitude of layers. For example, we have the molecular layer, fundamental particle layer, etheric layer, astral layer and many others. All of them form a vast and complex network. Few people, however, are aware that we have a layer made up of thoughts emanated by human beings. Our thoughts escape our mind in the form of waves to move freely in space where they can be captured, most of the time unconsciously, as dreams, thoughts or visions by other people.

Our mind both emits and receives thought waves. Many of our dreams, thoughts, nightmares and visions are not ours but belong to others. At times, the thought waves of other people even influence our mood, behaviour and character. The irrational craze for fashion, celebrities and so on is based to a great extent on the influence of thought forms. A little more awareness will reveal one’s stupidities.

Like sound, radio and television waves, our thoughts and even our voices travel in space and form a layer there. If we could attune our mind to that level, we would find innumerable types of thought forms. And in the present context, they would not be beautiful to look at, bearing in mind the amount of evil we see in society! Many of our divine visions are the thought forms of past masters and prophets. One day science will be able to extract, by means of sophisticated apparatus, the thought waves liberated by people, both present and past. Then perhaps we would be able to see the forms of Jesus, Krishna and other masters.

Space consists not only of thought forms but also of what is termed as ‘field of consciousness.’ In other words, our consciousness has a field of energy spread all around. And since our consciousness is the real ‘us’, our field of consciousness or vibration should contain our image and information about us. My realisation is that our thoughts, which are charged with our vibrations, can affect the fabrics of reality and our environment. Positive thoughts will have a positive impact while negative ones will affect negatively. Misery, suffering, confusion, conflict and even natural disasters can be the result of negative thoughts liberated by us.

A tremendous amount of knowledge in the form of thought waves is concealed in space and much can be tapped during meditation. At times, geniuses, poets, painters, sculptors, scientists and others become vehicles of those thought waves. Who knows, the discovery of Archimedes and of other scientists could have been brought about by thought waves! Space is like a gigantic archive where our thoughts, emotions, voices and vibrations are recorded and stored. Nothing dies.

Thousands of foreign thoughts are passing through our mind daily. Sometimes we are identified with them and get affected. They are like passing clouds and our mind is like the sky. We should learn not to get affected by them. The way to it is to be aware of and also detached from these thoughts, thus creating a space between them and us. Places where many people gather, like cinema halls, work places and commercial centres, are heavily charged with thought waves of all kinds.

Wherever there is a mass of people, there is a huge amount of thought vibrations. These form a layer in which people are caught and thus act as one person. This is why we say that a mass or a mob has a mind of its own, which is not necessarily intelligent and positive. This gives rise to what is called ‘mob psychology.’ And since most people are unconscious and with animalistic traits, the behaviour of a mob is normally undisciplined and even barbarous. This explains why when there is an accident on the road, a crowd gathers very soon, hurling insults and displaying an unruly behaviour. The car is burnt and the driver is beaten at times to death, independently of whether the latter is to be blamed or not.

In many countries, you will see violent manifestations based mostly on mob psychology. One person shouts, “Thief!” while running, and hundreds of people follow suit. People are easily excited and taken in frenzy. In a crowd, no one is responsible. And by manipulating even a handful of persons, the whole group can be manipulated and hypnotised. Politicians and impostors use this psychological trick.

Crowds should be avoided if you wish to become an individual. Here by crowd, I mean a group of unconscious and conditioned people. The contrary of a crowd is a satsang or spiritual gathering. There people are more conscious and vibrant; the inclination is towards love, peace and unity. In such a milieu, the level of consciousness is elevated and filled with light. Hence choosing one’s environment is of paramount importance.

Our thoughts are like missiles: powerful and filled with our feelings. They can even influence our atmosphere and environment. However, they can be neutralised or transformed. In fact, by increasing our level of awareness, we can transform any thought form or wave into energy. Highly advanced meditators and enlightened beings are not affected or influenced by thought waves, whether positive or negative; they are truly free. Mystics can create powerful thought forms. In ancient times, they would do that to fulfil specific purposes. For instance, they would appear by materialising in front of disciples who were far away from them.

Most of our dreams are nothing but thought forms. We get an idea of the contents of our mind through them. I say ‘most’ because some dreams are not really dreams but astral experiences, visions and others. Thoughts are made of the energy of our mind and therefore, useless thinking leads to a loss of mental power, which renders us weak and nervous. That can be avoided by increasing our level of awareness. Of course, there is an art to that: it is meditation. The amount of energy we lose in the form of thoughts is tremendous indeed. Tapping the thought energy can help us to attain cosmic consciousness. Therefore watch your thoughts!

Swami Paramananda