Meditation and the Environment

posted on 18 April 2013 | posted in Information

Meditation is a peak experience. It is the most original and purest state of man. In it, all division is lost and one finds oneself in oneness with the universe, living in a permanent state of wholeness. From that state constantly emanates the fragrance of peace, love, compassion and innumerable virtues.

It has no doubt been experienced by many people that when they are in natural places such as beautiful beaches, waterfall and parks, there is a positive change in mood. The mind is calmer and the eyes more relaxed. Today our daily environment is heavy, irritating and uncreative. We are bombarded by all kinds of noises, dust, pollution, neurotic and tensed individuals who create an unclean and impure atmosphere all around. The environment is our habitat, our breeding and nurturing ground. So why are we bent upon destroying it, thereby jeopardising our own survival? Man is the only creature that does such an unbelievable act.

Our World

The placenta, the amniotic fluid and the mother's health are sacred because they constitute the cradle of human life; so is nature. My realisation is that there is an omnipresent spirit pervading the whole of existence. It can be felt, tapped and lived, but of course, our environment must be conducive to that experience.

If we do not know how and why to take care of our environment, which is so vital for the survival of our kind, then I fear we are very much ignorant and barbarous. People do not know how much divine our environment is. The cosmos is the divine body and the earth and its environment form but a cell in that vast body. If the cell is healthy, we are healthy; if it is sick, then we too will be sick. Like our mind and heart, our environment too needs a good cleansing. We generate too much waste that pollutes the land, air and sea. Our style of living has to change so that we generate less waste products. Managing whatever waste we produce is extremely important. That is already being done to some extent, but it is certainly not adequate.

We have to grow more plants and flowers so as to create a pleasant and oxygen-rich atmosphere. "Cleanliness is next to godliness," goes the saying. How true indeed! Every house, street, building, workplace, forest, river, lake and so on should be very clean. Each speck of dust carries a certain type of vibration and who knows how many bacteria and viruses! Today the situation seems to be out of control, though we are not shown the true picture and given the right information.

Our Mother's womb is extremely infected and we are living in that womb. Our survival depends on its being healthy and it is the responsibility of each of us to contribute to its healthiness. Politicians, businessmen, leaders and everyone else should wake up to the reality that nature, which includes our atmosphere, our seas, lands, neighbourhoods, houses, rivers and seaside, is our habitat. Our mental, emotional and physical growth and health depend on it. If it is sick, then we are finished. Hence, let us make our best to save our planet as we still have time, at least for the future generations.

We often hear the expression 'environment-conscious." We should be conscious first, then we shall be not only environment-conscious but conscious of everything else, till we attain cosmic consciousness.

Meditation is closely linked to our environment. We need the best kind of environment to manifest that state. When Abraham Maslow argued that correct social conditions are needed to encourage self-actualization, he was in fact making a spiritual statement. Indeed, meditation is a self-actualized state and the best social conditions and environment are needed to encourage it. Today the environment, both natural and social, is so bad that it not only hampers self-actualisation or meditation, but it has also made it almost impossible.

A meditating individual generates pure, subtle and highly creative vibrations, which influence our environment in a positive manner. Plants, animals and human beings too benefit from those vibrations. The Transcendental Meditation (TM) organisation, under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, says that one percent of the population of a country can reverse the negative social trend through regular meditation. Though a few minutes of meditation daily based on reciting a mantra cannot be called meditation, the genuine meditative state definitely impacts positively on the atmosphere. And it is altogether true that if a great number of people meditate, great positive revolution can take place. Thus society can become free from all evils and misery.

By Swami Paramananda