Human Beings: Behaviour and Evolution

posted on 19 June 2010 | posted in Books

Human Beings

by Swami Paramananda

The origin of man has always aroused much curiosity and led to intensive research and debates. There has been the Darwin Theory; but science is still groping in the dark about the missing link when apes finally evolved into Homo sapiens. It is amazing to observe, however, that scientific discoveries only confirm what mystics have revealed in the past.

In 'Human Beings: Behaviour and Evolution', the author, Swami Paramananda, reveals the missing link, described the process of the evolution of life and explained in very clear and logical terms the factors that have shaped human behaviour with reference to gender. With his usual scientific approach, he has explained the process of evolution from the gross state towards t perfection, moving from animal to human and from human to divine the ultimate alchemy.