posted on 19 June 2010 | posted in Books


by Swami Paramananda

Swami Paramanada, through this book; offers The Master Key that opens the gateway to
the missing link in education since ages
a new science to humanity
the self-discovery of your own body, heart, mind & soul
think out of the box & act out of the box
the solution to human behaviour problems
a scientific approach for blissful living

The failure of the education systems throughout the world be it religious, academic or scientific, is responsible for the chaotic state of the actual world.

Why such an imbalance in ecology when there is so much scientific progress and research? So many conventions, conferences and billions of investment but have violence and wars stopped? There is an avalanche of psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists, but has there been a decline in drugs, sex crimes and HIV? Laws are passed by thousands yet kids are raped, spouses murdered, corruption is on the rise. Humanity is suffering this cannot be denied.

Powerful countries are on their knees; the richest and most educated people are crying on the sad plight of their children. Many Bernards Madoffs are out busy stealing the money of common people.

Cry our beloved planet, for man is destroying himself and his own habitat. Can Knowledge Hubs, IT boom, skyscrapers, cut-throat competition for power, prestige and status make us truly and genuinely happy? Has material progress ever given happiness to mankind?