" The Spirit of Enquiry " by a Meditation Master

posted on 30 May 2014 | posted in Information

Questions take birth in the mind, while answers are provided by life. However, life does not offer ready-made answers. To find them, one has to walk with open eyes and delve deeply in each moment of existence for the answers to our questions are in its bosom. Knowledge can be acquired in large amount from books and learned persons, but answers or the ultimate answer are in the core of life. And the core of life is oneself. This is the reason why prophets and masters have laid emphasis on self-knowledge. The Upanishads give the key, "Know That by knowing which all else gets known."

Every point of space contains the essence of the whole universe. If one can understand a single point of space, then the whole universe stands revealed, at least in essence. The big bang is the explosion of a tiny point. There is a beautiful revelatory piece of esoteric knowledge concerning a point. The angle at a point is 360. 3+6+0=9 and in the science of numerology, 9 is the number of both physical birth and that of the soul, that is, enlightenment. If the whole of creation is condensed into a point or a tiny speck, then all the answers of life will be concealed therein. Man's essence is a point too, a very tiny one but still a point, and like the electron, it is also a wave that spreads infinitely.

spirit of enquiry

Answers of life are not obtained unless one looks for them, therefore life is a search too. Jesus rightly puts it, "Seek and you will find." But people find excuses in false questions and answers. What are false questions? They are those gathered from books or borrowed from other persons. Genuine questions should come from a deep thirst and be a fruit of reflection. Today people have much knowledge. Some pundits and priests know the Gita, Bible and other scriptures nearly by heart. But have they acquired or experienced the ultimate answer, by knowing which all else gets known? It may sound strange, yet it is only when one is ready to renounce all bookish knowledge, questions and answers that the ultimate answer of life will unfold itself.

A few people are sincerely seeking and inquiring. However, the search must be intense. And even for seeking or inquiring, the guidance of a master is important because one may err and not finding any answer, one may keep on seeking. What, how and where to seek, all these are important. For example, if one limits oneself to books, temples, rituals or even service to mankind, one may never find anything or one may stop at a stage which is not the ultimate one. Some experiences are so beautiful that one may think that the goal has been reached. In such cases, the master will always be there to give a push to move forward.

For many people, life is a puzzle or a question. But when they happen to realise this truth, they either escape it or are not ready to face it. There is a tendency to ask questions about the universe and God, but very rarely about oneself. While the fundamental question should be about oneself, people are curious about life after death, evil and so on. Good, evil, desire, evolution and so many things start from oneself. However, people ask countless questions save the most important one, "What am I?" Am I a body, a feeling, a spirit or what else? Do I survive death? What is my essence?

Wrong religious concepts forbid seekers to ask questions and even consider it as sin. Thus, they should blindly follow the teachings of prophets and avatars given hundreds or thousands of years ago, regardless of whether they have been distorted or are no longer valid. Seekers of Truth should not be entangled in questions, answers or knowledge, as these are good only to some extent. After that, silence should ensue. After having knocked at the door for a number of times, one should stop and wait. In this waiting, the ultimate answer will shine forth. But the waiting should be done in a no-waiting spirit. It should be a Zen-like attitude to wait without really waiting.

It may sound strange, yet it is only when one is ready to renounce all bookish knowledge, questions and answers that the ultimate answer of life will unfold itself.

Swami Paramananda