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A New Approach to Politics - By a Meditation Master!

posted on 5 June 2014 in Information

Yes, that is what we need, a new approach to politics. Politicians have failed us, failed the whole society. It is time to get rid of them and bring some fresh minds in this field. The aim of politics...more info >>>

Meditation the Greatest Miracle

posted on 3 June 2014 in Information

Existence, with its complexities and marvels, is already miraculous. The languages of the DNA, the order of the solar system, the development of living cells into foetus baffle the mind. Each particle...more info >>>

" The Spirit of Enquiry " by a Meditation Master

posted on 30 May 2014 in Information

Questions take birth in the mind, while answers are provided by life. However, life does not offer ready-made answers. To find them, one has to walk with open eyes and delve deeply in each moment of e...more info >>>

" Listen to Yourself First "

posted on 9 May 2014 in Information

The body has its language, so do the heart and the mind, but few people have the art and science of reading, listening to and understanding these languages. Being too busy in focusing on the external ...more info >>>

Metaphysics by a Meditation Master

posted on 30 April 2014 in Information

Metaphysics means beyond physics. The word 'physics' comes from the Greek word "phisikoi", the study of nature. Therefore physics deals with the study of nature and the laws that govern them. However,...more info >>>

The Ten Senses

posted on 18 April 2014 in Information

We see and understand the world by the mind through our ten senses. The process of perception and knowledge is a quick, complex and marvellous one. Light plays the greatest role in exposing the worl...more info >>>

Lessons from Nature

posted on 5 April 2014 in Information

From the tree I have learnt forbearance. It endures many cyclones, strong winds and the scorching sun rays, yet it is silent, always giving shelter, shadow and fruits, and finally it accepts to be use...more info >>>

The Broken Dreams

posted on 28 March 2014 in Information

Who has not, at a point in his life, made so many beautiful dreams? In fact, everyone is constantly dreaming of some bright future or paradise. The poor is dreaming of becoming rich or, at least, mor...more info >>>

Truth behind Idol and Image Worship - By a Meditation Master

posted on 6 March 2014 in Information

Before commenting on the subject of idol worship, I would like to mention a few things that may help you to grasp the subtle truth behind such a practice. Osho makes mention of a certain Doctor Frank...more info >>>

The Role of Religion in Economic Development

posted on 5 February 2014 in Information

Before elaborating on the role that religion plays in the economic development of a country and why not that of the whole world, I find it extremely important to understand what we mean by religion. ...more info >>>

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