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Understanding Marriage

posted on 19 June 2010 in Books

by Swami ParamanandaMarriage in its true sense is a means to attain the ultimate union. However, marriages as they are today are very far from this noble objective, as evidenced by the increasing rate...more info >>>

Thought Waves: Beware of them!

posted on 17 June 2010 in Information

The universe is composed of a multitude of layers. For example, we have the molecular layer, fundamental particle layer, etheric layer, astral layer and many others. All of them form a vast and comple...more info >>>

Selfishness the greatest disease of Mankind

posted on 17 June 2010 in Information

Selfishness is not only in the genes of man but in his mind and heart too. In itself, selfishness need not be a disease. It is meant for personal evolution, especially in the animal kingdom where it i...more info >>>

Eat according to the needs of your body

posted on 14 June 2010 in Information

Watching some people, it would seem that they live to eat, that it is their greatest pleasure isn't it strange! Some even say, "Eat, drink and make merry, what else is there in life?" Very poor ph...more info >>>

"Religions and People of the Book "by a Meditation Master!

posted on 4 June 2010 in Information

All religions that exist today are based on books, which people call scriptures. Some religions have many books. Most of those who call themselves religious are followers of the precepts and knowledge...more info >>>

"Listen to Yourself First " - By a Meditation Master!

posted on 4 June 2010 in Information

The body has its language, so do the heart and the mind, but few people have the art and science of reading, listening to and understanding these languages. Being too busy in focusing on the external ...more info >>>

Metaphysics by a Meditation Master!

posted on 4 June 2010 in Information

MetaphysicsMetaphysics means beyond physics. The word 'physics" comes from the Greek word "phisikoi", the study of nature. Therefore physics deals with the study of nature and the laws that govern the...more info >>>

"The Vedas"

posted on 4 June 2010 in Books

Over the ages, unqualified people have been handling, reciting, discoursing, rewriting parts, reproducing, analysing and doing all sorts of gymnastics with the holy scriptures. Down the line, complex ...more info >>>

Benefits of a spiritual Retreat

posted on 4 August 2009 in Information

SGAS UK Spiritual Meditation summer retreat 2011Are you looking for a different holiday this summer? Have you ever thought of going somewhere different? Have you ever considered of going on a spiritu...more info >>>

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